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Topographic Maps

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ITMB is an authorized Regional Distributor for Canadian Topographic maps produced by Natural Resources Canada (the Canada Map Office). As a major distributor of Canadian topographic we directly supply a dealer network in Canada and abroad and can provide individuals with more than 16,500 map titles.

Canadian Topographic Maps $11.95 each

Samples 1:50,000 | 1:100,000 | 1:125,000 | 1:250,000 Click on the scale numbers above to see samples

For in-depth info on the NTS maps, including high resolution samples, plus a clickable index grid for map searching, visit the Natural Resources Canada website

Search Topographic Maps (new window)

Click a region above. The window below will show an image map for the region (taken from the National Resources Canada Topographic Index). You can then click on a more specific area within the region, and the next window below will show this area. The title will relate to that area's map at a scale of 1:250,000. Clicking within the 2nd window will show you the map titles within the area at a scale of 1:50,000 (Each square represents 1 map).