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"I work a fair bit in Ghana - West Africa and, after many visits finally managed to purchase what must be the only decent map of the country. - It is an ITMB and it's my constant companion whenever I visit Ghana.Many thanks ITMB - keep up the good work."
Dave Davies, Toshiba International Corporation

"Just to let you know that I consider ITMB essential for my mental well-being. I use your maps when reading books and I am currently writing articles and a novel with the ever faithful ITMB Travel Maps by my side."
G. Riddell

"...a big thank you for the map and such a fast delivery too! Quality is fantastic and am happily planning my holiday with much excitement! It was great to get messages to say what stage my order was at; approved, dispatched etc. and the site was easy to use. Brilliant service, thank you again!"
Alix C.

"We have recently returned from a trip to Morocco & Mali. Prior to the trip, we wandered into your shop and purchased maps of each country. We didn't know at the time that these maps would be the envy of all of our traveling companions. They were passed around the bus continually as no one else had anything close in terms of detail. Thanks so much for producing these maps!"
Tom P.

"Thank you for your map. This Madagascar map is the best I've been able to find outside of Madagascar."
Julia Shrader-Lauinger

"Your South American Maps are truly works of art. As a photographer of Latin American cities and pre-Columbian ruins, I have carefully mounted and framed ITMB maps to display with my photographs, paintings and weavings. Thank you for creating these masterpieces."
Director - Marketing & Sales Deco Lighting Los Angeles, CA

"The Ethiopia Map is more than a map of intersecting lines to get from place to place. This map has snippets of information around the perimeter which give you not only a good grounding of the physical features of Ethiopia and the must see sights but there are points of history as well. The information is enlightening and intriguing enough to make you want to get an immediate booking to see these sights. There are practical tips as well about roads and routes to keep the would be traveller forewarned. I would recommend this map not only to those thinking of a journey to Ethiopia but to the curious of this part of Arfica."
Gail Houghton

"I've travelled a bit in Bhutan and was pleasantly surprised at some of the detail shown on the map, and the general accuracy of that information. We've pinned the map up on the wall at home and use it when referring to stories about our time in Bhutan. As mentioned by one of the other reviewers there aren't many maps of Bhutan available outside of the country so this is an excellent reference to have."
W. Francisco

This review is from: Waterproof India Map by ITMB. "This map is great because it can be stuffed into a backpack and sweat and rain will not damage it. The detail is good, and the information helpful."
Lynne A. Blaker (Delray Beach Florida)

"ITMB maps are excellent. We have purchased ITMB maps on several previous occasions for various countries... and have never been disappointed in their accuracy and ease of reading. I look forward to getting to use my India map this summer!"
S. Snyder (Columbus, Ohio USA)

"I just returned from driving thru Belize for 7 days and this map was indispensable. We put over 400 miles on our car and never got lost. It was pretty current with the highway system (such that it is) in Belize and it held up pretty good"
M. Crippen "crippenm" (Texas)

"Love this map. Large format, clear, easy to read and includes elevations. Exactly what we needed to plan our trip. "
J. Morello (Ferndale, WA United States)

"The map was excellent because it showed all the mountain ranges and mountain peaks in brazil.I would buy another map from Itmb.THANKS."
G. melin "TOM THUMB" (Seattle WA USA)

"Very good map, gives excellent ideas for travel times and how to plan our itinerary."
Barbara A. Bolton

"This is the best of the the three maps of Madagascar that I bought. It has the largest scale and has coloured contour relief. "
drdeath (Amazon's customer)

"I have used previous editions of this map while driving in Belize. I spend a lot of time on the back roads and have been pleased to see that even the little dirt tracks are included. This is definitely the most accurate and easiest to use of all Belize maps I've seen. If you are planning on getting around on your own, or even if you just want a comprehensive listing of Maya sites and other national landmarks, this is the map for you!"
posted by a customer purchased the map from Amazon