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Term & Conditions

We prefer to ship small parcels by Canada Post or US Post, but we can ship by DHL, Fedex, or UPS as well, or by your prefered shipper on your account, and such firms are best for large shipments. Delivery companies importing goods into the USA , such as FedEx or UPS, normally add expensive brokerage charges as part of their fee, which are payable by the receiver, as these are US government-imposed charges. Whenever possible, we take shipments into the States ourselves and ship from Point Roberts , WA , to avoid these charges. All customers are charged for shipping/handling by ITMB, varying with destination, but only to the extent we are charged.

Firms need to provide a purchase order or corporate identification and have an account with ITMB in order to be invoiced; otherwise, pre-payment is necessary. Individuals need to pre-pay orders, usually by a Visa or MasterCard number, with expiry date and cardholder name (AmEx is not accepted). Sorry, personal cheques are not accepted. We normally mail web orders and small packages within forty-eight hours, but orders to the States are sometimes held if we are about to make one of our regular trips across the line. Shipping from the States is efficient and economical, and recommended. However, we cannot guarantee delivery times by post, so if time is of the essence, we will ship from Vancouver . Our policy is to save our customers money by shipping economically whenever possible.

Retailers in Canada and the USA receive normal trade discounts (details upon application). Public/academic libraries worldwide receive a standard courtesy 20% discount. Non-profit humanitarian groups dealing with current crises receive special consideration. ITMB has 74 distributors supplying maps to retailers throughout the world. For the distributors serving your country, please contact us. We welcome individual sales, and our minimum order requirement is always one copy of one title - no maximums!

We would prefer account customers in North America to pay by company cheque, but Canadian firms wishing to make direct payments can do so. Any customers invoiced in US funds pay by US funds, which are deposited in our US bank account and remain in the USA . Account customers in Europe are invoiced in either Euros or Pounds (for Britain ), except Switzerland , and pay invoices to our bank accounts in Belgium and in London . Individuals ordering and paying by credit cards must make payment in Canadian dollars, regardless of destination. This is a requirement of Canadian banking. The amount in your local currency will be reflected on your next credit card statement. Non-account customers need to pre-pay, usually by credit card, cheque, or international bank draft/money order. Goods are supplied to account retailers on a 30 day payable basis. Retailers wishing to establish an account should contact us.

Placing Orders:
Our fax line, internet access, and online shop operate 24 hours a day; our phone line from 9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday. Our E-mail Received box is checked several times daily. Mail is picked up each weekday except holidays and maps are usually shipped within twenty-four hours of receipt of your order. If the title you wish is not available, or listed, please contact us about alternatives. The map industry is undergoing rapid change as market needs change, and we are finding that the variety of options available is decreasing as long-term publishers adjust their offerings to the public.