Who's Running the Show??

Jack & Lan Joyce are the senior members of the management team guiding ITMB. Jack founded the company in 1980 as a retail venture and soon started importing maps from publishers around the world and selling them to retailers throughout North America. He visited Vietnam in 1992, hoping to obtain maps of that country, and found a soulmate in Lan. They married and Lan arrived in 1996. She soon found herself supervising a coterie of contract cartographers and has been the head of production ever since, bringing some 500 maps to publication state thus far.

In 2010, the first grandson arrived and Lan persuaded daughter Phuong and her husband Linh to move to Vancouver from Toronto so we could all help raise Johnny. This led to realizing a marvellous opportunity to pass on ITMB to the next generation by forming a family trust of the four adults that governs ITMB to this day. Day to day management is conducted by Linh as General Manager, Phuong as Administrative Officer, Lan as Production Head, and Jack as the senior trustee and font of all knowledge related to mapping. The two grandsons have thus far shown little interest in the family business, but ITMB’s next twenty years is pretty much established.