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World Wall Map (smaller size) Antique & Modern Political Version (comes flat only) 2nd 1:50,000,000

2nd Edition

Scale 1:50,000,000
ISBN 9781771298940/ 8933
$ CAD 14.95
$ USD 14.95
€ EUR 9.50
£ GBP 8.95

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World Wall Map (smaller size) Antique (brown ocean) Political Version (comes flat only) 2nd ISBN 9781771298940: ITMB has published four maps of the world for the past several years. All are political in format, and vary only by size of page sheet and colouration. ITMB has been selling maps as a retail venture for 38 years now, and the demand for a map of the world is constant. We accept that there are many excellent world maps on the market by a variety of firms, but we also accept that, as a major publisher of maps, we need to offer our designs to the world as well. This is the smaller sheet size version, using traditional brownish shades for the ocean.

World Wall Map (smaller size) Modern (blue ocean) Political Version (comes flat only) 2nd ISBN 9781771298933: This is the second of four versions of our ITMB World map that we are profiling this month. The other two will be noted next month. This particular version is the partner to the one noted immediately above. The information on both is identical; only the colouration is different. Some people like maps with traditional brownish ocean colouring, and others prefer the more modern blue ocean colouring. Both are excellent maps. This size is appropriate for customers having space limitations to display a map on a wall. It is also good for using as a desk covering. Both versions noted here can be laminated, either by ourselves or by any store with laminating equipment. We do not have a separate ISBN for either map, laminated, just a higher price.

Legend Includes:
International boundary, State/ Province line, Main Route, Main Railway, River, International Date Line, Mountain summit, Waterfall, etc.

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