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West Coast Trail & Carmanah Valley Map

5th Ed. 2020 Edition

Scale 1:50,000
ISBN 9781771299008
UPC 817712990082
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This map is a specialized hiking map of one of the toughest trails in North America. It takes a week to hoof it from Bamfield to Port Renfrew along the western coastline of British Columbia’s West Coast Trail. Hiking the trail is so popular that it is necessary to reserve a start time well in advance of arriving! The trail is contained within a national park, so camping sites are controlled and must be adhered to. The map has a secondary purpose; it is a recreational map at a detailed scale for anyone wanting to explore the old-growth forests of this part of Vancouver Island. This includes the Broken Islands group, which is also part of the national park, and the Carmanah Valley Provincial Park, home of some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world. By the nature of a rectangular sheet of paper, the map also includes a wealth of logging roads, shorter hikes, whitewater kayaking areas, wilderness campsites, and the canoeing routes of Nitinat Lake. This is truly an amazing adventure map. The artwork is that of the Canada Map Office, with recreational information added by ITMB.

Legend Includes:
Habour, Beach, Ferry, Parking, Pinic site, West Coast Trail, Point of Interest, Viewpoint, Campsite, etc.

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