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Utah and Colorado Travel Reference Map

1st Edition

Scale 1:750,000
ISBN 9781771298438
UPC 817712984388
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ITMB is gradually mapping the entire USA in appropriate scales. Most States fit fairly well into the 1:500 to 1:750T scale, and Utah is perfect for mapping. It is also a perfectly nice place to visit, so we are pleased to add it to our program. This map shares a sheet with Colorado, so please note that the ordering information is the same. Utah is Mormon country and the temple in Salt Lake City is a sight to see. The Great Salt Lake to its west is interesting to view, but more popular is the Bonneville Salt Flats at its western edge, where so many speed records have been won. Utah also has two of Americas most scenic national parks: Zion in the southwest and Canyonlands in the southeast. Combined with Colorado to its east and to Idaho in the north (ITMBs Pacific Northwest regional map) and ITMBs companion maps of Arizona and New Mexico, this map of Utah is a very practical travel map, showing campgrounds, historic sites, and parklands as well as roads and place names.

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