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Turkey South Coast Travel Reference Map WP

1st Edition

Scale 1:550,000
ISBN 9781771297936
UPC 817712979360
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Turkey is a wonderful country to visit and very popular. At the moment, due to the war in neighbouring Syria, incidents occur occasionally that alarm. There isnít much any can do about these extremist attacks, but it is important to remember that they are very isolated, limited to certain areas, and happen in all too many countries around the world. If we allow ourselves to be intimidated into not travelling by anyone, those using terror tactics win. The south, or Antalyan coast of Turkey is probably the most touristic in the country, loaded with hotels and superlative beaches. The region also has some wonderful Greek and Roman ruins to visit. This double sided map covers from Izmir on the west coast to Antalya on the south coast. The interior is also well covered. Turkey has an excellent road network and a sophisticated car rental system. A popular past time is to rent a car for a day trip to explore the hinterland and this map is perfect for that purpose. The remains of ancient Greek and Roman cities tend to be fairly close to the coast, such as Ephesus, near Kusadasi. Interior cities, such as Burdur, are traditionally historic cities with castles and are well worth visiting. This is a map for exploring. Turkey is a huge country; maps of this nature break down its attractions into sizes usable by the average traveler.

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