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Texas & Oklahoma Travel Reference Map WP

1st Edition

Scale 1:1,300,000
ISBN 9781771297929
UPC 817712979292
$ CAD 9.95
$ USD 9.95
€ EUR 8.50
£ GBP 7.95

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ITMB is pleased to announce the newest addition to our range of titles on the USA. Increasingly, we are developing our artwork to cover the larger states attractively and comprehensively, but also, we hope sensibly. Texas and Oklahoma share a common heritage of having been formed out of land taken from others through the long-held policy of Manifest Destiny. Today, Texas is the second largest State in the union (after Alaska), and is the only State to have previously been an independent country. It also includes the oldest urban area in the USA, Presidio, founded by the Spaniards to guard the ford over the Rio Grande. Because of its shape, and the natural proximity of the State of Oklahoma along its northern edge, combining the two States just made sense. The map is presented double-sided (top half/bottom half) on waterproof paper that is durable and tear-resistant. There was not as much room for inset maps as we had hoped, but good-sized urban map of Amarillo, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City are included. The map has two covers, one for each State, for easier display; both States are done at the same scale.

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