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Southern Quebec Travel Reference Map

1st Edition

Scale 1:850,000
ISBN 9781771296953
UPC 817712969538
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La Belle Province has a lot in common with Ontario. It is a huge political entity, with most of the land mass unusable due to permafrost. Almost all the roads and settlements are in the southern half of the province, so we expanded the scale of our artwork and created a map that will be of greater practical use for visitors than one of the entire province. Even so, the distances are formidable (say it in French; it sounds much more dramatic!) Side one concentrates on the region north of Montreal, and includes the Canadian Shield region of Abitibi. The second side follows the St. Lawrence River eastward to Quebec City, where one can continue eastward on the north shore for hundreds of kilometers or cross over an enormous bridge to the south shore and do essentially the same; ending up in the picturesque Gaspe Peninsula! This is an easy to use map, with good detail and a lot of information as to camping sites, interesting points of view, access points from the USA, and roads leading far into the interior. It also includes an excellent inset map of central Montreal.

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