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South America Travel Reference Map

7th Edition

Scale 1:4,000,000
ISBN 9781771297110
UPC 817712971104
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South America is what started ITMB in 1984; at that time, as two separate maps called the Kevin Healey Contemporary Map of Northern and Southern South America. Sadly, Kevin is no longer with us, but Lan computerized his artwork a number of years ago and, thanks to modern technology, we can print the map on a large-size press as a double-sided continental map that is a real treat to see. This is, by far, the most accurate and most detailed map of the continent ever published., with detailed inset maps of the Falkland Islands and of the Tierra del Fuego region at the southern tip of the continent. This is an excellent map for planning an extended visit to South America, printed on an extra-large sheet, double-sided, on durable waterproof paper. An excellent companion for a trip!

Legend Includes:
Motorway, Highway, Railway, Point of interest, Beach, Ruins, Museum, Church, Monument, Waterfall, Accommodation, Gas Station, Skiing, Volcano, Fishing, Oil field, ect.

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