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Mexico Sonora & Sinaloa Travel Reference Map 2nd Ed.

2nd Edition

Scale 1:800,000
ISBN 9781771294706
UPC 97817712947062
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The northern Pacific coastline of Mexico borders on California and Arizona and is a popular travel destination. Sonora is the more northerly state of Mexico, bordering on Baja California on its west (much of which is included on this map) Nogales is probably the best-known city, although Hermosillo is the capital. Sinaloa is more southerly, and is probably best known for Mazatlán, the popular ocean resort community and cruise ship port of call. Sinaloa is also the starting point for the famous train excursion known as the Copper Canyon, originating in Los Mochis. The rail route is shown on the map. The canyon is actually in Chihuahua State, which is included on this map, and goes through a portion of Mexico that is pretty much devoid of roads. The trip ends in Cuauhtémoc, but users are advised to stay on the train to the capital city, also called Chihuahua. We have included the top ten attractions of the region, including the Pinacate Volcanic Field, the Nacapule Canyon, and Las Labradas World Heritage site. This is a part of Mexico easy to reach from the USA, and has many attractive cities.

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Highway, Railway, Gas station,Trail, International Airport, Harbour, Museum, Hotel, Beach, ect.

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