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Saint Lucia & Martinique Travel Reference Map

2nd Edition

Scale 1:45,000/1:65,000
ISBN 9781771297073
UPC 817712970732
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At long last, ITMB is finally releasing our updated travel map of St. Lucia. As before, the scale used fills one side of the sheet. We have added some new touristic material, based on our visit to the island last December. We have included an inset map of Castries, the capital, noting, among other things, the cruise ship terminals (there are two) and the inter-island ferry terminal. That is important because St. Lucia is now linked to neighbouring Martinique by a scheduled ferry service and it is very convenient for visitors wishing to enhance their visit by adding a day trip to Martinique. For this reason, we have added a full-page map of Martinique to the reverse side of the sheet. The ferry goes to Fort-de-France, the capital, and the map includes an inset of the city, showing where the ferry docks. Martinique, with its French heritage, is more exotic than most English-speaking Caribbean countries, but is friendly and somehow different. It is considered an extension of France and thus of the European Union, so uses the Euro. Although the common language is French (or a variety of it), English is well-understood. Cars are readily available for hire and road conditions are good. The island even boasts a motorway, going to the island’s south coast. Both islands are important Caribbean travel destinations, with resort hotels concentrated on Marigot Bay and Rodney Bay in St. Lucia and in the Pont du Bout peninsula of Martinique. The map has a double-sided cover for ease of marketing.

Legend Includes:
Hiking Trail, Highway, Main Road, Secondary Road, Hotel, Restaurant, Saint Lucia National Highway, Point of interest etc.

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