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Russia West & St. Petersburg Travel Reference Map 3rd Ed.

3rd Edition

Scale 1:3,200,000 / 1:14,000
ISBN 9781771296656
UPC 817712966568
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Russia remains a popular travel destination, with most visitors going to ‘European’ Russia west of the Ural Mountain range. St. Petersburg is the most westernized city in Russia and our map shows both sides of the Neva River for those arriving by train from Finland. Those arriving by ferry or cruise ship disembark on Vasilyevsky Island, with those arriving from Moscow do so on the main island. Have I mentioned that the city is built on a series of islands? Czar Peter fancied then-fashionable Venice and created his capital out of dozens of islands at the mouth of the Neva. The many canals make getting around a little challenging, as one seems to be forever crossing a bridge, but the varied attractions offered make St. Petersburg a very interesting city to visit. All major museums, churches, fortresses, and attractions are noted on the map, as well as hotels, theatres, parks, and Metro lines. The regional map of the westernmost part of Russia covers an enormous territory from the Caspian Sea north to St. Petersburg and includes two inset maps; one of central Moscow, which would be useful for a brief visit, and the other of Kaliningrad, the former German port of Konigstand, on the Baltic Sea. Rostov, Volgograd, the Golden Ring cities, and the Trans-Siberian rail line are on the map.

Legend Includes:
Motorway, Major Road, Railway Line, Lake, Church, Monument, Point of Tourist Interest, Musem, Mosque, Theatre, etc.

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