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Paraguay and Bolivia South Travel Reference Map (WP)

3rd Edition

Scale 1:1,000,000/1:390,000
ISBN 9781771296212
UPC 817712962126
$ CAD 13.95
$ USD 13.95
€ EUR 9.50
£ GBP 8.95

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Technically, this is a new title for ITMB, in that it is not merely an updating of a previous edition, but it is still a map of Paraguay, basically, so we count it as an updated edition with part of Bolivia included. Expanding the area of coverage benefits visitors combining Paraguay and Bolivia into one trip. The first side covers Bolivia from La Paz south to the Paraguayan border, with inset maps of Potosi and Santa Cruz. The second side concentrates on Paraguay itself, with inset maps of Asuncion, the Asuncion region, and northern Paraguay. Small bits of bordering countries also are included. Road connections within Paraguay have been shown to good advantage. Both countries, being land-locked, are somewhat isolated, making travel to them something more adventuresome than visits to neighbouring countries. However, both are hospitable, safe, and tourist-friendly.

Legend Includes:
International Border, Provinvial Border, National Park, Highway, Major road, Main Road, Railway, International Airport, Domestic Airport, Sand, salt Lake, Large River, Waterfall, Point of Interest, Mining, ect.

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