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Oahu, Honolulu & Big Island Travel Reference Map

1st Edition

Scale 1:200,000
ISBN 9781771295888
UPC 817712958884
$ CAD 11.95
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This is our second title on the State of Hawaii, concentrating on the southern, and most popular section in better detail than would be possible on a map of the entire state. The largest island is Big Island, where active volcanoes erupt fairly regularly and lava flows are common. I remember standing on the main coastal highway, which was blocked at the time by a lava flow. Standing within a couple of feet of an active flowing river of red hot lava was an amazing experience. The other major island on this map is Oahu (we have chosen to ignore the ). This is the most popular island in the state, having Honolulu(1:35.000), Waikiki, and Pearl Harbour, along with such attractions as the Dole Pineapple Plantation. The map has an excellent map of all of Honolulu, plus smaller insets of Kailua-Kona (1:30.000 Scale) and Hilo(1:30.000 Scale). A map of Maui and the northern islands will probably come out next year. Printed on waterproof and tearproof paper. , that also allows for removable markings in the map ( with erase markers / water-based pen).

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Points of Interest, National Parks, Airports, Golf Courses, Beaches, Campsites, Waterfalls, Viewpoints, Fishing Spots, Hospitals, harbours/Ports, Zoos, and much more.

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