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Norway Travel Reference Map

3nd Edition

Scale 1:900,000
ISBN 9781771295673
UPC 817712956736
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We spent an interesting time researching this map in Norway in 2018, travelling all the way north to Nordkapp, a trip that took a week. We were actually on a cruise ship for much of the travel time, as reflected by our new cover picture of our ship in Geiranger Fiord. We also discovered a bookstore in Narvik that sells travel maps and obtained valuable research material there. Norway, as a country, is one of the prime travel destinations in the world – lots of wide open spaces, all the mod-cons, and fantastic scenery. Obviously, Nordkapp is a huge attraction, being the most northerly part of Europe one can access, but Norway has lots of other attractions. Roads in Norway tend to be of a very good quality, but are mostly two-laned and winding. There are coastal ferries joining isolated communities from south to north, and lots of ferries for car crossings of fiords. We took a local ferry from Alesund into the interior of Stor Fiord. It took all day to make the trip, but it was a great experience, and that’s what travel is all about! Bergen is also a very interesting city to visit. Generally, Norway ranks very high as a safe and pleasant travel destination, now enhanced by being printed on durable stone paper.

Legend Includes:
Motorway, Multi-lane highway, Railway, National Park, River, Lake, Canal, International Airport, Domestic Airport, Point of interest, harbour, Wildlife Reserve, Zoo, Mine, Cave, ect.

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