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Namibia Travel Reference Map (WP)

8th Edition

Scale 1:1,000,000
ISBN 9781771295611
UPC 817712956118
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The former mandated territory of South West Africa is emerging as a stable and well-run, sensible country, like its neighbour Botswana. In a continent of failed and troubled state, Namibia shines as an interesting country with a good infrastructure, wonderful scenery, friendly people, and fun experiences for those visiting. It is largely desert-like in being mostly grasslands, but can be divided into easy-to-explore segments for exploration. The far north is called the Caprivi Strip, originally carved out by German imperialists to try and curtail British influence in South Africa. Nobody told them about Victoria Falls, I guess! Nowadays, the strip gives easy access to Namibia from Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, and forms the long border with Angola. Further west is Etosha National Park and a wealth of wildlife; further south is the White Lady stone carving and petroglyphs of Brandberg. Farther south again is Windhoek, the capital, with its German heritage lovingly preserved, and further west is the very unusual port of Swakopmund. To the east is an excellent highway leading to Maun in Botswana. My own favourite part of the country is the south – Luderitz, on the coast, and Aus further inland. The Fish River Canyon is marvelous to see, and has several loges located conveniently nearby. This is a very attractive country and very popular, so I’m pleased to see this updated map re-appearing so quickly.

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Legend Includes:
Main Road, Secondary Road, Railroad, Lake of Lagoon, National Park, Town, Village, International Airport, Port, Point of Interest, Campsite, Lighthouse, Viewpoint, Hotel, Cave, Hot Spring, Waterfall, Museum, Gas Station , etc.

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