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Istanbul & Northwest Turkey Travel Reference Map

4th Edition

Scale 1:11,000/1:550,000
ISBN 9781771293570
UPC 817712935700
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€ EUR 8.50
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Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. It is loaded with interesting places to see and places to go. The map shows all major touristic sites (my favourite is Constantine s Column), the ferry routes that criss cross the Bosphorus, and the transit lines that move everyone around the city. We have made a significant change to the regional map on the second side of the sheet; in this edition, we provide a very detailed map of North-eastern Turkey, from the Greek and Bulgarian borders south past Cannakele and Edremit and east to Bolu. This enables the user to focus on realistic driving/bussing times to reach destinations within a reasonable distance of Istanbul. Both maps combine to portray a fascinating city and region.

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