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India South Travel Reference Map WP

1st Edition

Scale 1:1,300,000
ISBN 9781771293594
UPC 817712935946
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India is a very large country! It also has an unusual diamond shaped physical appearance that makes it hard to map. The north is also very different from the south, so we decided to expand our data base for India and publish a map covering India from Hyderabad and Mumbai south to the southern tip of the country. As the country economically modernizes, it becomes better known. As a country, India is fascinating and a great travel experience. I well remember visiting the temple city of Tiruchirappalli many years ago and travelling by local trains (an experience that tends to sear itself on to one’s memory cells!) Interesting-sounding names fill the map: Madurai, Kochi, Bangalore, Nagpur, and Pune; the map reeks of adventure and exoticism!

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