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Finland & Sweden Travel Reference Map

2nd Edition

Scale 1:1,200,000
ISBN 9781771292818
UPC 817712928184
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This is a double sided map with complete index of all cities and towns in the map, a new title for ITMB, and a significant move forward for us in re-mapping Europe with fresh artwork for the latter half of this decade. Finland occupies one side of this double-sided sheet. Although geographically part of Scandinavia, the Finnish people are descendents of people pushed westward by the expanding Mongol empire and speak a very different language from their Nordic neighbours to the west. The country is truly a land of lakes, thousands of them, and is a relatively pristine touristic wonderland. The road network throughout the country is excellent and there are no (or possibly minimal) border controls with Sweden. The border with Russia, to the east, does have occasional crossings, but is closely guarded. There was insufficient room to include an inset of Helsinki, but ITMB has a separate map for the capital city. This country map has its own cover for Finland, so has its own shelf space identity for marketing.

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