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Denmark and Southern Sweden Travel Reference Map

1st Edition

Scale 1:450,000/1:90,000
ISBN 9781771296946
UPC 817712969460
$ CAD 12.95
$ USD 12.95
€ EUR 9.50
£ GBP 8.95

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This is a new title for us, but it covers a logical travel destination. Denmark is, of course, a popular and interesting country to visit. So, for that matter, is Sweden. This map combines the best of both countries in a double-sided entity that shows all of Denmark on one side and the southern half of Sweden on the other side. The Danish side shows all roads that probably exist in the country as well as touristic attractions such as churches, windmills, castles, museums, and other points of interest. An interesting inset map of the island of Bornholm is included. The other side shows Sweden in great detail from the bridge joining Copenhagen to Malmo and the ferry between Helsingor and Helsingborg north to the border with Norway and east to Stockholm as well as much farther north into the interior lakes, all the way to Ostersund. A detailed map of the old town centre of Stockholm, known as Gamla Stan, is also included.

Map size: 27*39"

This map is also available in digital format for $39.95 (per file) and flat map for $39.95 (per side). Please contact if you would want to place an order or for more information.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Railways, Airports, Hotels, Museums, Points of Interest, Harbours, Lighthouses and much more.

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