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Costa Rica Travel Reference Map

9th Edition

Mapping Costa Rica was one of the top priorities for ITMB in its earliest days. Kevin Healey slaved away for months and produced one of the loveliest maps ever published. Eventually, some brilliant cartographers transferred all his detail to a digital format and of course we have kept improving the artwork with each new edition. This is still our most popular title, and a tribute to the ongoing efforts of the Costa Ricans who have made their country such a popular travel destination (safe, warm, great food, wonderful beaches, and a way of life we should all emulate. This is our ninth version of Costa Rica and there is not a lot one can say about it. It retains the same iconic cover, the same ISBN, and the same price. The scale is perfect for exploring the country by road, and gas stations in secondary locations are shown, encouraging visitors to explore. All the beaches are named as are major resorts. The road network is shown relative to quality of construction, and the map includes inset maps of San Jose and its environs.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Airports, Turtle Reserve Area, Bird Sanctuary, Hospitals, Hotels, Park Headquarters, World Heritage, Volcano, Habour, Police Stations, Viewpoints, Beaches, Gas Stations, Mines and much more.

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