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Chile Travel Reference Map 6th Ed. 2019 (WP)

6th Edition

Scale 1:1,770,000
ISBN 9781771291668
UPC 817712916686
$ CAD 13.95
$ USD 13.95
€ EUR 9.50
£ GBP 8.95

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Chile is a very long, thin country, so is best portrayed in a series of three strip maps. This enables a scale that expands information while retaining ease of use. Printed on durable plastic paper, the ITMB map is hardy enough to stand up to any trip. The map also includes inset maps of central Santiago, Santiago region, Santiago transit, Easter Island, and Robinson Crusoe Island (Alexander Selkirk was the unfortunate real-life castaway immortalized in Robert Louis Stevenson’s marvelous fictional account of Robinson Crusoe).

Legend Includes:
Expressway, Train Station, Attactions, cemetery, Hospital, Buildings, Museum, Police office, Cinema, Embassy, University, ect.

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