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British Columbia Wall Map 2nd Ed. 2019 1:1,250,000

2nd Ed Edition

Scale 1:1,250,000
ISBN 9781553410157
UPC 815534101570
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Years ago, the BC government published the one and only wall map of the province, known as 1A. This map was discontinued in 1996, when ITMB purchased all the remaining inventory of Maps BC. 1A ran out of copies in 2000. For a while, flattened road maps of BC had to do, but they were too small and too lacking in detail for what was needed. ITMB re-worked our BC map into a large-size wall map format and published a large, proper, wall map. This ran out of copies last year. Now, we launch the 2nd edition of this map. It is quite large, being 28”x80”. While theoretically being available for worldwide distribution, the market for this particular map is almost always within BC. We can ship it to distributors/retailers in a shipping tube. The information on the map is the same as for our BC travel map but formatted as something suitable to hang on a wall. It is very good and is the largest and most detailed wall map of the province in print. We can also laminate it on demand and frame it for customers. However, in a practical sense, it would be difficult to market internationally, although we would welcome orders.

Legend Includes:
International Boundaries, Provincial Boundaries, Ferry Route, Railway, Motorway, Major Highway, Main Road, Rivers, Mountain Peaks, Historic Site, Camping, Beach, Wildlife, etc.

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