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Albania Travel Reference Map

2nd Edition

Scale 1:210,000
ISBN 9781553411079
UPC 815534110725
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This is our second edition of Albania, and we have made improvements to the artwork. As a country, Albania is a bit of a mystery; ostensibly Muslim, it is surprisingly secular. Formerly ardently communist, it is the only portion of the former Soviet Empire to vote out the communists and establish a democratic form of governance. It is proud of its heritage, but would love to join the EU. As a country, it is pulling itself up by its own bootstraps, so to speak, improving infrastructure as it can afford to do so, without relying on loans or foreign aid. We enjoyed our time in the country, which is, after all, as Mediterranean as Greece. The map also has insets of Tirana, Durres, and four other urban areas. Albania is friendly, and border formalities are minimal. It is one of Europe’s hidden treasures.

Legend Includes:
Capital, City, International Airport, Domestic Airport, Ruins Historic/ Archeological, Museum, Habour, National Park, World Heritage, etc.

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