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Turkmenistan, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan

2nd Edition

Scale 1:1,350,000/1,100,000
ISBN 9781553418788
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These three countries, bordering on Afghanistan, Iran, and China, have proved to be remarkably stable in a very volatile part of the world. They constitute the heart of Central Asia; a bit difficult to reach, but definitely suitable for adventure travel. Turkmenistan occupies one side of the sheet, and the other two smaller countries share the other side at a better scale. Turkmenistan stretches from the Caspian Sea to a major river (the Amuder) that forms its eastern boundary with Uzbekistan and its border with Afghanistan. An inset map of the capital just north of the Iranian border, Ashgabat, is included. The other side concentrates on the mountainous western Himalayan peaks, which are largely unexplored by outsiders. This is a region of trekking trails rather than highways, although the fabled Great Silk Road goes right through the middle of the map, from Kashgar in China to equally fabled Tashkent. Branches also go to Konduz, in Afghanistan, and to Dushanbe, while the northern route is shown as well (the Silk Road having several alternative routes). This side is still showing signs of the Soviet era, with Russian names occasionally appearing. No doubt, these are being changed over time. This is a very interesting map, of an of-the-beaten-track part of the world. It reflects the best information we have, but will improve over the next decade as more information becomes available.

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Roads by classification, parks, hospitals, lakes, churches, hotels, bus terminals and much more...

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