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Thailand North Travel Reference Map WP

1st Edition

Scale 1:830,000
ISBN 9781771297943
UPC 817712979438
$ CAD 12.95
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€ EUR 9.50
£ GBP 8.95

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This is a new title for ITMB. Although we have had a map of southern Thailand on the market for a number of years, it seemed to take forever to complete a map covering the Chiang Mai region. The map actually goes from Bangkok north, and side one includes a very good inset map of Bangkok’s central area. To my mind, the most interesting spot on this side is the town of Kanchanaburi, which is within easy striking distance of Bangkok. This was the site made famous by the war movie Bridge on the River Kwai (now Khwae) on the Japanese-built Burma Railway. The current bridge is not the original, but the Commonwealth Graves Cemetery is well worth a visit. The other side concentrates on the wilder portion of Thailand, the far north. All known points of interest have been included, including a lovely inset map of Chiang Mai, the focal point of the north. The rail line ends here, but if the city’s many temples and pagodas don’t overwhelm you, tours to nearby temple sites abound. The temple complex near Phrae, further to the east, are also shown, as is the highway leading to Chiang Rai in the far north. This is an exceptional map and I am very pleased with it. I hope you’ll agree.

This map is also available in digital format for $39.95 (per file) and flat map for $39.95 (per side). Please contact if you would want to place an order or for more information.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Railways, Attractions, Hotels, Point of interest, Airports, Tourist information, Hospitals, Shopping centre, River, ferry, and much more.

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