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Florida Keys Travel Reference Map

5th Edition

Scale 1:120,000
ISBN 9781771292856
UPC 817712928566
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The southern tip of Florida is interesting, but the chain of islands stretching far into the Caribbean are fascinating. The glorified sandbanks are actually Cayes (or Keys in American), all joined together by Highway 1. The map itself consists of a series of inset maps, with side 1 starting from the mainland via one of two bridges and extending south-westerly to Marathon, with detailed insets of the major urban areas along the route, such as Key Largo and Venetian Shores. The second side continues all the way to Key West, which is the largest urban area and, in my opinion, the most touristic. Considerably further west of land’s end, and only accessible by boat, are the Dry Tortugas, with Fort Jefferson, now a museum, being the only building in the National Park. It’s a two-hour boat ride, but well-worth the effort! Apart from its significance as being the most southerly point of the USA, it is also home to the Hemingway Museum, where he lived for a decade and wrote most of his novels. This is a map one really needs to explore such an unusual corner of the USA!

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Rivers and Lakes, National Park, Airports, Points of Interests, Highways, Main Roads, Zoos, Fishing, and much more...

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