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Easter Island & Santiago Travel Reference Map

4th Edition

Scale 1:24,000/1:12,500
ISBN 9781771292559
UPC 817712925596
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Easter Island is so isolated that it is not certain whether it is part of Polynesia or an off-shoot of South America. Geologically, it is neither; just a volcanic lump in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Its original inhabitants probably came from Polynesia; since supplanted by migrants from Chile, which is the political authority governing the island. Regardless, it is an intriguing place, famous for the Maoi - giant heads originally raised to protect family holdings. These huge, mysterious heads rest in various locations on the island and are one of the wonders of the world. This map also includes a detailed map of Santiago de Chile, the capital of Chile, for the simple reason that all flights to Easter Island originate in that city, so everyone going to Easter Island needs a map of Santiago as well. This usage is merely for the convenience of visitors going to Easter Island. ITMB publishes a separate map of Santiago and Central Chile and we intend to continue to do so.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Rivers and Lakes, National Park, Airports, Points of Interests, Mining, Highways, Main Roads, Zoos, Fishing, , and much more...

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