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Arizona & New Mexico Travel Reference Map

2nd Edition

Scale 1:900,000
ISBN 9781771290227
UPC 817712902276
$ CAD 11.95
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€ EUR 9.50
£ GBP 8.95

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ITMB is pleased to announce the release of our updated Arizona and New Mexico maps, printed in a double-sided format, with each state having its own side. This version includes two separate covers, one for each state, to enhance marketing possibilities, and the addition of two Top Attractions listings, one for each state. The Arizona side has a detailed inset map of Flagstaff, showing the path of Route 66 through the city streets. The New Mexico side includes a large inset of Albuquerque, also including the Route 66 passageway through the city.

Map size: 27*39"

This map is also available in digital format and flat map. Please contact if you would want to place an order or for more information.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Rivers and Lakes, National Park, Airports, Points of Interests, Highways, Main Roads, Zoos, Fishing, and much more...

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