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Africa Travel Reference Map

3rd Edition

Scale 1:4,800,000
ISBN 9781771290173
UPC 817712901736
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Africa is a huge continent. No one apart from us has successfully prepared a digital data base for the entire continent and this edition includes numerous updates to road information and shifting political realities. We have updated roads whenever reliable data indicates improvements, such as connections between the southern tip of Morocco and the road leading to Nouakchott, in Mauritania. Politically, we all know of things that do not affect maps - the closed border between Algeria and Morocco, the coup in Guinea, the continued instability of Libya, the generally better degree of stability in Somalia, the on-going troubles in South Sudan - but generally, the continent of 54 nation states and a few colonial enclaves has survived two years of destabilizing Covid ravages rather well. Tourism is gradually recovering, and map sales improving. This is a very important map in that it brings all of the countries and islands relative to the African continent into perspective. We are pleased to bring to your attention an updated version of a part of the world that is crucially important.

Map size: 27*39"

This map is also available in digital format and flat map. Please contact if you would want to place an order or for more information.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Rivers and Lakes, National Park, Airports, Points of Interests, Highways, Main Roads, Zoos, Fishing, and much more...

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