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Inflatable globes by Orbis are now available to purchase in our online store. Orbis is the original creator of photorealistic EarthBalls and giant world globes - the most visually authentic replicas of our planet available anywhere.

Orbis has created the first and only globes to display Earth's cities at night. This compelling feature makes the cities of the world glow brightly as the globe revolves from daylight into night, adding a new dimension of authenticity to these world replicas.

'NightGlow Cities' is a proprietary printing technique developed by Orbis, utilizing light emissions data from US Department of Defense satellites. City lights are indicated on the globe with photo-luminescent ink, glowing brightly under ultraviolet (black) lighting and providing a remarkably authentic simulation of Earth's cities from space.

Each & every EarthBall also comes with the 20 Page Global Handbook, chock full of games, activities & resources for Earth adventurers of all ages.