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ITMB carries over 100 different globes from Replogle, Stellanova, Spherical Concepts and National Geographic, Styles range from inflatable globes & small desktop globes to larger freestanding globes, or illuminated globes. As all globes are imported, Canadian prices fluctuate according to exchange rates at time of importation.

We ship Desk & Floor Globes to Canada only!

For globe pricing & shipping information, please call our retail location at (604) 273 1400 or click here to visit our online store.

Inflatable Earth Globes
'Earth Ball' inflatable globe now available in our online shop. For more information and pictures, click here.

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ITMB Now Has Its Own Globes

14 destop globes with wooden or bamboo bases, illumninated and non-illuminated globes, mini globes that Tilt'n Whirl, and a wide series of inflatable globes that are attractively priced and use original ITMB artwork, as do all of our globes

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