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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an order online?
Yes. All of the ITMB titles are available to purchase online, as well as many other titles from various publishers. Click Shop Online and you will be whisked away to our online shop. Click here to see what other ordering options are available (for titles not yet on the shopping portion of our site).

I live outside of Canada, can I still order from you?
Yes. We sell our products worldwide. Our online shop lists all prices in Canadian dollars. Credit card companies traditionally show both currencies from transactions on your monthly statement. If you would like the most current exchange rates, we use ...

I want to buy maps from you, but I would like to see what they look like first. Do you have any sample images on your site?
Yes. We now have a 'Sample Map Detail' page, which highlights some of our own titles, including Costa Rica, Russia and others. Click Here to view the sample images. You can also visit our 'Get to Know ITMB Maps' page by Clicking Here.

I'm nervous about using my credit card online, is the e-commerce portion of your website secure?
Yes, it is extremely secure. Our e-commerce system, provided by Radiant Communications ( uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - the industry standard for encryption technology. It is used to create a secure transaction environment for commerce on the Internet. If your browser and local network support the use of encrypted data transmissions, our Secure Checkout mode locks all information (i.e.: your credit card number) passed from you to in an encrypted envelope, making it extremely difficult to be intercepted by an unauthorized party. SSL technology is compatible with Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL, Web TV and most other browsers.

Do you have anything for free?
Yes, actually we do. It's called 'Axis' and it's our newly formatted newsletter, written by the President (Jack Joyce) himself. We try to crank one out monthly and fill it with juicy map news, including our new titles, changes to the website and of course the global ramblings of Mr. Joyce himself. Want to sign up? Click Here In addition, check our monthly feature page. We often feel the urge to throw in something for free along with orders submitted from this page.

What's the difference between hard cover & soft cover maps?
Hard cover maps have a bristleboard-like cover that helps to keep the paper edges of the map from getting dog-eared and frayed. Soft cover maps are the folded, paper maps without a cover.

So you sell lots of maps, but tell me about what books you sell.
We sell a wide variety of travel books to accompany our maps. Titles range from the Insight travel guides to Michelin travel guides, Green Guides to Rough Guides and Lonely Planet to Berlitz, Ulysses, Globetrotter, Cadogan and more. We also have a selection of other travel-related books.

What are Canadian Topographic maps?
ITMB is an authorized Regional Distributor for Canadian Topographic maps produced by Natural Resources Canada (the Canada Map Office). As a major distributor of Canadian topographic maps we directly supply a dealer network in Canada and abroad and can provide individuals with more than 16,500 map titles.
Topographic maps are ideal for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking etc. Accurately shown are hills, valleys, lakes, rivers & wooded areas. They also show major, secondary and side roads & man made features such as buildings, dams and power lines. They are used by all levels of government & industry for flood control, forest-fire control, real-estate planning and environmental issues.

Where do the ITMB maps come from?
ITMB maps are designed locally in Vancouver and usually published in Canada. Our cartographers report to us from many different countries worldwide, and often come to Vancouver to finish detailing on the maps.