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Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego Travel Reference Map

5th Edition

Scale 1:2,2M/1:750,000
ISBN 9781771296137
UPC 817712961372
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The southern third of South America consists of a mountainous western portion, a vast grassland prairie-like expanse, and a wild southern tip – collectively known as Patagonia. Significant road improvements by both Argentina and Chile in recent years make driving much easier than was the case as recently as 2000. Side 1 covers everything from Bahia Blanca southwards, and side 2 expands the very interesting Tierra del Fuego series of islands to good advantage. Naturally, Cape Horn is included, as is an inset map of Ushuaia and another of the Falklands. Top attractions are also noted.

Legend Includes:
lake/swamp, Highway, Main Road, Secondary Road, Hotel, Restaurant, River, Glacier/Saltpan, National Park Point of interest etc.

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